Who I am & what I do

Tim Meadows

Hi, my name is Tim.

I specialise in nutrition coaching for group exercise fitness instructors.

I have been teaching Les Mills classes for over 10 years and presenting at Quarterly Workshops, Tribal Gatherings and Les Mills Lives for the last 6 years. I know exactly what challenges and struggles fitness instructors face while balancing family, work and social lives.

As a coach I serve to build knowledge, educate and empower others to help install life-changing habits that create a high performance lifestyle without the consequences of extreme fads and dieting that have failed you in the past.

I’ve created Group X Nutrition to stop the pains of low energy, confusion of what to eat, struggle of sugar cravings by transforming your lifestyle and let you finally take control of your nutrition and health as you deserve to feel and look great!


Who I can help

Les Mills Instructors

Bootcamp & Freestyle Fitness Instructors

Beachbody Instructors

Personal Trainers Teaching Group Exercise


What changes to expect

More energy to teach at your absolute best

Increased performance and faster recovery between classes

Learn what to eat so you’re fuelled but not bloated

Improve your body and self confidence

Ditch the Red Bulls and sugar cravings

The knowledge to plan and create your daily and weekly nutrition plan

Sustainable weight loss while keeping energy high

Lower injury rate and reduce muscle soreness

Develop your own knowledge on instructor nutrition and avoid fads

More energy to spend your free time doing what you want to do

Boost confidence to teach more classes and increase your income

Eliminate the suffering of poor nutrition


Don't take my word for it




“My energy levels have been a lot better and I really noticed a difference in yesterday’s classes as normally after 5 classes on a Wednesday I am dead on a Thursday but still had plenty left for last nights attack. I’ve also not touched a monster energy all week!”



BODYPUMP™ and RPM™ Instructor

“Energy levels are amazing! Feel a lot stronger and can see a definite change in my levels while teaching too.  What I’m lifting training in the gym is going up weekly too, so delighted! Down a belt notch this week and clothes all feeling a lot looser, so feeling great.”



BODYPUMP™ & BODYSTEP™ LMUK Trainer & Presenter

“After having my first child, I was working on getting my fitness back and was making slow progress but definitely needed some extra support. The guidance that Tim gave me wasn’t a quick fix – it was the tools to make sustainable change and I still use them every day. Without his knowledge, expertise and support I would not have got back to the level of fitness that I was after and I would not have made sustainable changes to my eating habits.”



“I contacted Tim because I needed help to lose body fat and still fuel your body for teaching classes. Tim quickly got me on the right track, eating real ‘normal’ foods that helped me hit my own targets for calories and macros, and fit in feeding a family at the same time. I’ve lost inches, had loads more energy whilst teaching and have started to feel confident that my body can do what I want it to after all. I’m really excited about what I can achieve now and for the first time in ages & I don’t hate my body. Massive achievement!”


Choose from silver, gold and platinum packages


1 to 1 Personal Coaching


The pain, struggle and confusion

What’s your reason? What has triggered you into action now?

Sadly the truth of the matter is if you don’t start making changes, you are facing more pain, struggle and continued confusion on how to increase your energy, learn what to eat by missing out on the shockingly easy way to transform your nutrition in a like-minded community. We look at why we need to change our approach to nutrition to avoid the energy restrictive diets for general population. Then learn how to apply simple fundamentals and a positive mindset to fuel and energise our bodies to teach and live an active lifestyle. Have a look below to see what triggered other instructors to take control of their nutrition and see if you can relate…

“I’ve tried to sort my nutrition but don’t know how or where to start”

“I’m tired of having no energy and want to look my best for myself and my partner”

“I’ve tried every diet and feel frustrated they didn’t work”

“Keep me on track with my goals of getting leaner and fitter”


Transform your struggles into solutions


Everything you need to know

Is it expensive?

Group X Community coaching is only 54p a day. To have access to the community and all the content, value and coaching, it’s a bargain!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can. Just cancel the direct debit from your bank.

How do I pay?

Just one click will take you to PayPal to set up payment.

Will I need to cut the foods I like?

No, not at all. Accountability and responsibility are values we strive for; however cutting out foods is not necessary.

Will there be options for Vegan/Vegetarian?

Yes, absolutely. The fast growing plant based community is more than welcome for more energy and meal ideas.

Will I learn how to calculate macros and kcals?

Yes. This is one of the essential elements to Group X Nutrition. You will learn and build your knowledge on nutrition.

What happens when I join?

You will be emailed with instructions as to what to do, where to download your resources and how to get started.

Is there an option to have personal 1 to 1 coaching?

Yes, for all Personal 1 to 1 coaching enquiries can be made from the ‘Enquire today’ link

What’s involved?

You will join the Group X Community on Facebook and be invited to join Live coaching and Q&A sessions. You will also receive weekly coaching emails and downloadable resources (recipes, weekly planners, shopping lists, GFI supplement guide and some bonus content) to help you with several indispensable nuggets of value to transform your nutrition and health as a GFI.

Does this mean ‘clean eating’ and detox’s?

No. Trying to adopt a clean eating mindset can create more problems than it’s intended to solve. Detox’s are harmful and not required unless medically diagnosed. We aim for consistently high nutritional foods however common sense and evidence backed nutrition will be the core of Group X Nutrition.


I'm confident I'll be able to help you

I am 100% confident in being able to help you improve your nutrition with the resources and coaching offered.  If after a minimum of 3 months of coaching, you believe your nutrition has not improved in any aspect then I will refund your full investment. Conditions apply. You must make MPT Coaching aware of any lack of progress and allow 4 weeks to help you implement changes and guidance given. Change and progress is a two way journey with coach and client.


Any questions?



Call me

07761 555390